founded in 1891

Located on Keller Ave across from Soo-Line Park
101 Keller Avenue S, Amery, WI  54001
Fire Department Office 715-268-7406 or Emergency 911
Frequency of Page - 154.025
Polk County Fire - 154.235

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Our department is made up of fire members and fire explorers.  Below is a list of them who are of current active status.  We thank each and every one of them for the time and sweat they put in, at each call, drill, activity or meeting.

Name Position   Name Position
Rick Van Blaricom Chief/EMT   Joy Jackson Firefighter & EMT
Steve Waterman Assistant Chief   JoAnn Carter Firefighter & EMT
Bill Severson Assistant Chief   Gary Anderson Firefighter & First Responder
Darryl Christenson Safety Officer & First Responder   Ace Carlson Firefighter
Chuck Frohn Captain & First Responder   Nikki Gullickson Firefighter & EMT
Mike Ottosen Captain & EMT   Andy Elmer Firefighter
Bammer Martin Captain & First Responder   Andrea Grasser Firefighter & First Responder
Dale Koehler Captain & First Responder   Erik Hellie Firefighter & First Responder
Kari Clark EMS Captain & EMT   Mitch Lee Firefighter & First Responder
Bruce Cockrell Firefighter   Mark Johnson Firefighter
Sherry Martin Firefighter & First Responder   Lee Jones Firefighter & First Responder
Nathen Belz Firefighter & First Responder   Tony Rendle Firefighter
George Dellios Firefighter   Ashley Allen Firefighter
Wayne Voght Firefighter   Travis Mork Firefighter
Dave Holtz Firefighter & First Responder   Amanda Dellios EXPLORERS
Darren Van Blaricom Firefighter & First Responder   Erica Frohn EXPLORERS
Kevin O’Brien Firefighter & First Responder   Patrick O’Brien EXPLORERS
Mark Bottolfson Firefighter & First Responder   Fuzzy Lee EXPLORERS
Tammy Frohn Firefighter & First Responder   Melissa Taber EXPLORERS
Brad Yuhas Firefighter   Marlene Richter EXPLORERS
Ed White Firefighter & First Responder   Jake Lundgren EXPLORERS
Dave Lundgren Firefighter   Kristi Ottosen First Responder
Dennis Luehman Firefighter   Rev. Barry Schaefer First Responder



Many of our thanks can go out to our members who have since retired from active duty.  They are greatly appreciated and still apart of our department history and life.  These members below have 20 year on the department or more.




David Voght Fire Fighter 10
Ralph Thompson Fire Fighter 39
Ed Hillestad Fire Fighter 33
Al Parrant Fire Fighter 32
Cliff Adams Fire Fighter 31
Don Thompson Fire Fighter 30
Paul Dzubay Fire Fighter 30
Ray Larsen Fire Fighter 20
Carl Burman Fire Fighter 29
Milford Waldbillig Fire Fighter 28
Warren Marquand Fire Fighter 26
Don Winchell Fire Fighter 25
Ed Hover Fire Fighter 22
Howard Knutson Fire Fighter 22
Roland Porter Fire Fighter 22
Orvin Christensen Fire Fighter 21
Merle Steensland Fire Fighter 21
Ben Jacobson Fire Fighter 20
George Sparages Fire Fighter 20
Dean Elkin Fire Fighter 20

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